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Novin bardasht sina Company

Sina New Harvest Company was established in 2001 in Joybar city in Mazandaran province.The purpose of establishing this company was to supply agricultural machinery for rice paddy in order to mechanize and increase the efficiency of rice cultivation and harvesting throughout the country.In this regard, in 2004, after obtaining official representation from Lucky Star factory, it started importing all nutrition rice combine to Iran.Sina Combine, which is a well-known brand in Iran today, is updated and optimized every year in accordance with the environmental and climatic conditions of Iranian rice paddies.

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According to the contract between 10 technicians of this company, he was sent to the manufacturing factory for training in 2004 and after learning the necessary skills, he held training courses in agencies all over the country on a monthly basis, and the specialists of that company also Are sent to Iran alternately to conduct training classes and provide after-sales and technical services.

The products offered by this company are welcomed in all rice-rich provinces of the country and have several agencies in those provinces.

The after-sales service of this company is provided online and mobile in the locations of agricultural machinery and in the shortest possible time, and if necessary, it is sent to the central repair shop and repaired as soon as possible and returned to the customer. All products and brands Supplies are regularly updated and optimized annually.

Selling quality machines with the lowest possible profit and providing the best after-sales service have been the two main factors of this company since its establishment.