Terms of sale of products

Terms of sale of products

For more information on the terms of sale of agricultural machinery of Novin Bardat Sina Company and information on prices, you can contact the company every day during office hours or ask your questions on WhatsApp. Sales experts answer your questions, dear ones.

 Representative of Lucky Star

Representative of Lucky Star

Novin Bardasht Sina Co., as the official representative of Xingwang Company, has jointly started producing combine harvesters with Lucky Star brand. These combine harvesters are dedicated to harvesting rice and suitable for the climatic conditions of Iran, in order to exploit and increase the efficiency of farmers.

Representative of  Yanmar

Representative of Yanmar

Novin Bardasht Sina Company has started to cooperate since 1991 as the exclusive representative of Yanmar Company of Japan and has provided high quality products of Yanmar brand to dear farmers and has led our customers to continue further cooperation due to customer satisfaction.

After sales service

Training on using N.B.Sina Company agricultural machinery

Education Courses

N.B.Sina Co. sent 10 technicians of this company to the agricultural machinery manufacturer in 2004 for training and after learning the necessary skills, held training courses in agencies all over the country on a monthly basis and its specialists. The company is also sent to Iran every year to hold training classes and provide after-sales and technical services.

Contact experts

For information about the training courses, contact the experts of Novin Bardasht Sina Company.
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Online after sales service

The after-sales service of this company is provided online and mobile in the locations of agricultural machinery and in the shortest possible time, and if necessary, it is sent to the central repair shop and repaired as soon as possible and returned to the customer.

Holding educational courses

Novin Bardasht Sina Company sends the technicians of this company to the manufacturing factory for training and after learning the necessary skills, it conducts training courses in agencies all over the country on a monthly basis.


Providing a valid warranty to purchased agricultural machinery and annual updates of the obligations and benefits of purchase from Novin Bardasht Sina Company. We are proud of your satisfaction.

Answer the questions

Dear customers, you can ask all your questions, price inquiries, as well as after-sales tips during office hours by contacting the company or sending a message on WhatsApp.


Dear customers, at any time, in case of need for general and partial repairs, the technicians of Novin Bard Sina Company refer to the locations of agricultural machinery and the repairs will be done in the shortest possible time.

Annual product update

After purchasing the desired product from Novin Bardasht Sina Company, our experts and technicians regularly update and optimize all the products and brands offered annually.

about us​

Sina New Harvest Company was established in 2001 in Joybar city in Mazandaran province. The purpose of establishing this company was to supply agricultural machinery for rice paddy in order to mechanize and increase the efficiency of rice cultivation and harvesting throughout the country.

  • Representative of Yanmar
  • Representative of Lucky Star
  • Online after-sales service
  • holding educational courses

More about serving our compatriots

In the following, we will deal with some of the descriptions and services of the company to our dear country for many years!

Why Novin Bardasht Sina Company ?

Novin Bardasht Sina is a comprehensive solution provider of advanced technologies in the field of agricultural machinery development Founded in 2001, its activity field is importing, distributing and customer service.

The first rice combine in Iran

The purpose of establishing this company was to supply agricultural machinery for rice, and in this regard, this company has presented the first rice combine (all nutrition) in 2004 in the country.

A reference to rice activities

We have sold and distributed more than 5000 rice combines all over the country by now and have more than 20 customer service branches. We started to import paddy field tractors in 2010 and rice transplanters since 2012.

Banking facilities to facilitate the purchase of products

We provide facilities that make the farmers able to pay 80 percent of the total price of each set of products through loans granted by Agricultural Bank. We have an agreement with the bank which facilitates purchase process for the customers. All the customer and sales service agent must be reported weekly to the customer service manager.


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