Yanmar combine YH850

Yanmar combine YH850
Model YH850W YH850GUW
Dimensions length (mm) 5070
Width (mm) 2285
Height (mm) 2930 2820
Device weight (Kg) 3333 3591
Engine Model 4TNV98T
Type cool water- 4 Cylinder
Output – KW(PS)/rpm 62/1(84/5)/2500
fuel type Gasoline
Fuel tank volume (L) 115
Motion part Sand wheel specifications 550*90*54
How to change gears (HST & FDS)
Speed of movement Low speed: 0-1/00
medium: 0-1/55
High speed: 0-2/09
head Head device type Carousel + platform
Cut width  (mm) 1975
Cutting height  (mm) 1000
Carousel Diameter × width   (mm) 900×1920
Rotational speed  –  rpm 43(37)
Harvester Type Axial flow
Rotor (diameter × length)    (mm) 640×1850
Rolling area (square meters) 1/75
Product unloading  (product storage specifications) Product unloading methods Bag Grain tank
Grain tank capacity   (L) 490  1670
Drain pipe height   (mm) 1049-4372
The length of the drain pipe   (mm) 2880
Product unloading speed   (minutes) One minute and fifty seconds
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