Advantages of using a tractor

Advantages of using a tractor

Another characteristic of a plow suitable for land and agricultural lands is a plow that has crowns that have a groove (the gap between the two layers of a plow groove) that has a desirable depth and also the plow groove should have a suitable height.

The optimal depth of the groove or the height of the groove is about 7.5 to 10 cm, which is the result of this order of creating uniform crowns, which will be possible using standard tractors. The advantages of having a uniform crown are as follows:

If the grooves are perpendicular to the slope, the flow of water will slow down.
Grooves in flat ground act as reservoirs that hold rainwater, and this will prevent water from being stored in the hollows.
Having uniform and uniform crowns causes the sides of the crown to change to wet and dry, which increases the cultivability of the soil from dry to wet. If the plow furrow crowns are not uniform, they may lead to uneven soil surface.
The size of the curvature of the miner’s turning plate attached to the tractor and the speed of advance must be balanced in order to obtain suitable cultivability. The bending and curvature of the miner’s turning plate is designed in such a way that torsional forces are applied to the plowing groove, and as a result, suitable and desirable cultivability is possible. The speed of the tractor and the miner will also be very important. It will take time to achieve the desired amount of crushing. If the forward speed is too high, the soil hits the miner’s turning plate in the tractor and the lumps are eaten due to this impact. This creates a situation for the soil whose surface is very crushed and unsuitable lumps remain in the lower part for the root bed. For some soils, such as sandy soils and gambo soils, the high speed of the miner will not harm the soil.
One of the suitable factors with which optimal plowing can be measured is the plow angle of the plow and the bottom of the furrow, which depends on the following factors:
A) Plowing speed with tiller or tractor

B) The curvature of the turning page

C) The ratio of the width of the cut to its depth

D) Alignment of the plow in the tractor

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