Tiller and cultivator

Tiller and cultivator

Tiller-cultivator concept:
People often use tillers and cultivators instead, but the two are very different. Tillers and cultivators are used for two different purposes. One of them mixes and brings up the hard hard soil below and the other mixes the soft topsoil. Use the right tools to get the job done so that your work is highly productive.

Tiller is used to convert the hard layer of soil into a soft substrate for planting. In fact, it plows and breaks the hard layer of soil at great depths. This mode is used for primary tillage.

Purpose of using the tiller:
Deep plowing
Loosen heavy soil
Break the hard bottom layers
The cultivator is designed for mixing soft soil and compost and fertilizer with soil. The cultivator consumes less power than the tiller, and is not designed to break soil and soften hard soil layers. In fact, this mode is used for secondary tillage, which usually deals with soft soil layers.

Purpose of using the cultivator:
Breaking and stirring the soil
Mix fertilizer and compost
Weed control

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