Combine performance

Combine performance

The name of the combine came into being when the harvesting and threshing operations, to which cleaning was later added, were carried out in a complete and single machine. Today’s combine harvesters are machines that are harvested in different conditions of the crop and farm. , Beating, separating and cleaning all the grains are used. Although many people know the combine, but few are familiar with how this machine works.

Types of combines
New combines come in a variety of sizes. New technology has introduced a machine that is very flexible, that is, a combine that can harvest many types of products with different conditions in different farm conditions.

Combines can be divided into two important categories:

Car combines
Tensile combine harvesters
Here we look at car combines, which are the most common type of combine today.

Car combines
The combine harvester has evolved to be more or less a complete unit. Its powerful engine can create a lot of power to drive the car in the most rugged fields, provide the power needed by its machines and harvest products with high performance.

Car combines are divided into two categories based on the use of plain combine and hill combine.

Plain combine
Plain combines built for flat land are supported by a fixed drive axle. When the combine operates on uneven and sloping ground, the separating and cleaning units also tilt with the slope of the ground. However, the cleaning and separating units can continue to operate normally on the slope to some extent. , But if the combine is tilted too much, the harvested product will be collected in the lower part of the combine. This situation reduces the quality of the separation and cleaning of the product.

Hill Combine
The hill combine is supported by a hinged axle, so that it is adjusted to change the slope when working in the hills. Beating, separating and cleaning units are automatically aligned on slopes of up to 45%. By keeping the crushing, separating and cleaning units level, the separation and cleaning operation is performed with maximum efficiency, because the material is evenly distributed in the mentioned parts.

What is the function of a combine?
The main purpose of using a combine is to obtain grain from the crop, with the least damaged grains and the least losses. All combine harvesters perform the following 5 main operations:

Cutting and feeding
Each of these actions is performed by separate units and with different mechanisms, which we will review each unit in future posts.

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